DC-DC 8V-55V to 12V Buck Step Down Converter 2A Power Supply Module Board

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Model: DC-DC Step Up/Down Converter


This module is a high voltage, high current DC-DC buck module.
Input up to 55V, maximum efficiency 90%, output 5V, and maximum current 2A.
Can turn off the module. It has many advantages such as low power consumption, low impact, and anti-interference ability.
It is widely used in automobile, electric vehicle, communication equipment, ship, industrial control, LED lighting field.
1.Input voltage range: DC 8V-55V
2.Output voltage: 3.3V/5V/9V/12V+0.1V
3.Maximum output current: 2A
4.Maximum efficiency: 90%
5.Working frequency: 500KHZ
6.Standby current: 200uA@8V, 500uA@50V
7.Module turn off current: Lua
8.Full load ripple: < 50mV
9.Full load working temperature: 65°C (max)
10.Working temperature: -40°C to +85°C
11.Storage temperature: -55°C to + 120°C
12.Module size: L25.5*W16.5*H7mm
13.Module weight: 2.2g