Demon Power Systems Surge H.O 3120 Beast Class Motor

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The New "Surge H.O" motor introduction to the Demon Power Systems lineup! This "little" brother to the already popular 4220 Omen series motor is perfect for your Beast Class/ X-Class build!

Specifically designed for 8"-10" props the "Surge" Beast class motor is in the F1 class of performance, speed and ultra light. Designed for high output applications. Specifically designed with a one piece bell made from 7075 t-6 aluminum for durability and excellent cooling. If you want the best performance of your craft this is it! 



-H52 Arc Magnets
-.15 stator Laminations
-Titanium 5mm hollow shaft
-Japanese NMB bearings
-Bell: 7075 t-6
-Magnet configuration: 12N14P

H.O. (high output) Tech specs:

-Ultra high temp 320C (500 F) coating and high density copper windings.
-additional cooling area on main rotor and base
-16 gauge motor wire
-7075 T-6 aluminum Head and base
-High efficiency stator laminations
-Hi temp Arc magnets
-Keyway lock in hub for all propeller types. 
-Wire protected base plate 
-Stator size: 31 wide x20 high
-Motor weight: 129g no wires 
-Triple bearing for extreme durability and longevity.