Fahrenheit X Class Beast Class X-Class 450 - 800mm Frame

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Fahrenheit Racing Frame True X

Super durable and one of the lightest frames on the market! Engineered for speed, durability, ease of construction and excellent handling! Coupled with the Demon Power Systems motors and ESCs you will have a speed combination that will have no rival!

This time tested frame has taken its final form by years of engineering and performance testing with over 20 revisions until it has been finally perfected. The integral part of the frame is structurally enhanced with vertical supports that provide a superior connection and rigidity to each of arm connections to the main frame. Each arm is locked in with 7071 aluminum hexagonal spacers and bolted down with 7071 aluminum hex bolts further increasing rigidity. You will find nothing on the market to compare to. 

Easy frame size adjustments:
Increasing or decreasing the frames size can easily be adjusted to be Beast class or as large as Xclass (and any size in between) by simply switching out your arms ( or cutting) to the desired length. No need to drill holes into the arms to change sizes! Just cut and insert! 

One tool tear down:
That's it! One 2.5mm hex wrench will completely remove motors or arms and completely disassemble body. 

Fahrenheit is a Straight X 450-800mm size frame nicely balanced for freestyle or racing. 

Structurally, the mid section of the frame is nearly indestructible. This is a performance frame to be as light as possible so the arms were made to be the weakest link. The 15mm arms also provide an extremely small frontal area in terms of aerodynamic profile and slips though the air nicely much easier than any other frame. 


-Motor to motor diameter: 450-800mm
-Bottom/top plate thickness:2.5mm
-Carbon tube arm dimension:15mm*15mm*250mm (Beast) 15x15x380mm (legal X-class) Any size is possible with no drilling. 
-Carbon tube wall thickness: 1.25mm
-Motor plate mounting holes: 30x30mm for 41xx to 62xx size. Sub 270g per motor is suggested.
-Midframe area is 15mm clearance
-Supports 30.5x30.5 and 20x20 Flight controller mounting area
-Weight:+/- 540g ( all steel screws) 420g ( aluminum screws and lightweight motor mounts)(Included hardware and Tpu mounts) 


Suggested device (not included):
- Motor 41xx~52xx 

- ESC: Flycolor or APD

- Prop Gemfan or Hq props

- Suggested PDB:


1- Complete racing frame (see parts picture for complete setup) tpu prints not included. 

Not included:
Electronics, motors, camera, Vtx, battery straps. See list above to complete your build.