Flight Controller SP Racing F4 EVO 2-6s Power Supply BEC Barometer Voltage

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Software feature:
3 primary flight modes: Acrobatic, Angle and Horizon
Extensive control and switch configuration
Battery Monitoring and Warnings
Signal Strength Monitoring (RSSI)
Failsafe system
Altitude Hold Mode
Heading Hold Mode
In-flight tuning
Customizable LED colors
Android phone support (via EZ-GUI GCS)

Product Details

36x36mm board with 30.5mm mounting holes
Weight ~5 grams
STM32405 CPU, 168Mhz inc FPU
MicroSD card slot (SD/SDHC, upto 32GB)
ICM20602 accelerometer/gyro (connected via SPI)
BMP280 barometer
Built-in inverters for TELEMETRY and SERIAL RX.
MicroUSB socket for configuration and ESC programming
3 LEDs for 5V, 3V and STATUS (Green, Blue, Red)
BOOT switch for easy firmware upgrades.
Supports Cleanflight, Betaflight and iNav firmware.
Work voltage 2s~6s
Built in 5V 1A BEC


1x SP Racing F4 EVO FC
8x 3pin though-holes for direct-solder or pin headers for ESC/Servo connections
16x 1pin for UARTS
2x JST SH1.0 cable