Hyperlow Vert Racer

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Recommended Components:
AIO flight controller (ideally a low profile 36mm x 36mm board)
Micro RX (eg. XM+)
Pigtail VTX (Unify, Tramp, or smaller)
Micro Cam (eg. Swift Micro)
Naked Bottom Motors (although some full bottom motors will fit)
Its recommended to assemble the frame minus the top plate during the build. 
Dry fit all components first. Orient FC for best fit, paying attention to USB access. 
This may involve flipping the board, or rotating it, and also adjusting its height. 
VTX orientation should allow for pigtail to reach the rear mounting point. 
An example layout is RX tucked between the two front arms and camera, 
VTX occupying the 30x30 area behind the front arms and FC mounted in rear. 
Frame Weight: 82g
Dry weight: 250 - 290g
225mm M2M stretched X
Parts List:
  • 2mm top plate
  • 2mm bottom plate
  • 2mm camera bumper
  • 5mm arm x 4
  • 5mm arm brace x 4
  • 2 front 10mm standoffs
  • 18mm bolts x 8 for arm attachment
  • 14mm bolts x 4 for arm to brace attachment
  • M3 locknuts x 12
  • 8mm bolts x 2 for front camera bumper
  • 6mm bolts x 6 for front top plate and FC standoffs
  • Nylon FC standoffs x 4
  • Nylon FC nuts x 6 (two as camera bumper standoffs)
  • Landing pads for under main body. 
  • TPU camera mounts for Micro cam
New Additions
  • TPU Camera Cover
  • Battery and antenna pad
  • 15mm hardware
    • 2 x 15mm standoffs
    • 4 x carbon spacers
    • 8 x button heads.