ImmersionRC Vortex 250 PRO Race Kit Stage 1

Regular price $30.00

Every part of the 250 Pro has been reduced in weight; full titanium hardware, 3mm arms, 1.5mm top and camera plates. If you are serious about racing, then weight reduction is the pinnacle of performance enhancements. This kit will bring new performance to your frame and increase the all import thrust to weight ratio of your Vortex.

  • (4) 5" x 3mm arm
  • (1) Top plate 1.5mm
  • (1) Cam plate 1.5mm
  • (4) 1mm carbon fiber spacers
  • (12) M3x12 button head screw Titanium
  • (16) M3x10 button head screw Titanium
  • (18) M3x8 button head screw Titanium