WaFL’s XT60 capcap (Set of 3)

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The XT60 Cap Cap makes soldering a capacitor to your XT60 a painless process. Perfect for tight mini-quad builds, the XT60 cap cap makes your cap easily accessible and swappable, leaving more room inside your frame for your fragile components. Comes in a set of 3!

Guaranteed to work with Amass XT30 connectors.  Although it’s unlikely, different brands of XT60 connectors may not fit properly. 

Example pictures show one unit attached to a 2200uf 25v Capacitor, Amass XT60, and 16awg wire. Capacitor, wires, and XT60 are not included. EDA by Olaf Hichwa.

 Weight:  0.6g (+/- 10%) per unit,  2.6g per set of 3 units (+/- 10%)

Dimensions: Each unit is 20mm x 16.4mm (+/- 10%), and 1.6mm thick (+/- 10%)