Hobbywing 30A Micro 2-4s BLHelis Dshot600(FREE USA SHIPPING)

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Hobbywing X-Rotor series ESC are a high-quality multirotor speed controller specially designed for drone racing. They have a broad range of programming features combined with a super smooth throttle range.

Hobbywing X-Rotor series speed controllers come with BLHeli-S firmware and support all BLHeli functions like ESC programming. Firmware can be upgraded via the throttle control signal cable. Twisted pair cable to throttle which reduces interference and cross talk.

Small lightweight and ease of installation make these feature packed ESC's a great addition to your 130~280mm racing drone frame.


• Developed specifically for FPV drone racing multi-rotors
• Small size combined with lightweight for easy installation
• EMF8BB2 48MHz chip for high performance
• Supports BLHeli-S, Oneshot125, Oneshot42
• Damped light for regenerative braking
• Compatible with DShot 150/300/600
• Super-smooth and accurate throttle response
• Compatible with various flight controllers and supports a signal frequency up to 621Hz 
• Ultra-low internal resistance
• Twisted pair cable to throttle which reduces cross talk.
• For 130~280mm frame size


Cont Current: 30A
Burst Current: 40A
Lipo Cells: 2-4S
Weight: 6g
Size: 23.8x14.5x5.8mm